Treeforce will be holding a “Water, Mulch & Bush Tucker Morning” on Sunday the 12th of October starting 7.30am.We will be watering & mulching our small trees to help them get through the dry season, then over a cup of tea and some bush tucker we will be identifying some of the trees that we planted around 2011 that St. Andrews want to incorporate into their new dreamtime/bush tucker garden. Treeforce are helping to make this a reality. Should be fun, come and join us. Follow the signs from the lights at St. Andrews School.

Our Clean Up & AGM went well last month. Students from Freshwater State School, Redlynch State College & Cairns High were among 26 keen volunteers who turned up early Sunday morning for the Great Northern Clean Up of Freshwater Creek on Lower Freshwater Rd. A well known dumping site, we collected couch parts, 2 washing machines, tyres, and a lot of construction materials and alcoholic drink bottles. The AGM saw a burst of fresh faces on the committee to complement the more experienced members.
President Boyd Lenne
Vice President Don Tennant
Treasurer Jacqui Dedecius
Secretary Sally Cowan (new)
Ordinary Committee Members: Stella Martin, Simone Vinton (new) & Jill Thomas (new – Jill to be voted in at the next meeting).
Special thanks must go to our hard working out-going Committee members: Deb, Jo & Alex.
2015 here we come!