Stratford Chook Farm

The Barron River Chook Farm revegetation site opened with a community engagement day and site history lesson to engage participants. The first trees went in the ground in late April 2012.

The “Old Stratford Chook Farm” is located on the banks of the Barron River, north of Cairns. Site inspections found that the species mix used in revegetation largely reproduces that found in the surrounding natural vegetation.

Revegetation of the site will improve connectivity and wildlife habitat richness in the Barron River delta. Long term success of the project will require ongoing maintenance, including weed control.

The goal of this project is to engage and bring together a large number of community groups, schools and the general public from the Stratford/Freshwater community in the rehabilitation of an historic site on the Barron River through hands-on revegetation activities and educational NRM guest speakers.

The project site is within walking distance of these two neighbouring suburbs and is located in a highly significant but fragile and fragmented ecosystem. The emphasis is to not only bring awareness and appreciation to the community of the special place that they live in (so close to the Barron River), but also to provide access to a local site that they have never been to before, and engage people who would not usually be involved in natural resource activities.

As with any revegetation project, monitoring and evaluation is an essential part of the process. The Cairns and Far North Environment Centre Inc. were engaged to undertake an early evaluation of the project. Outcomes of the evaluation are presented in the CAFNEC Worboys report (link below)

This Project has seen the complete revegetation of the Crown Land verge strip, going back onto the shoulder of the old chook farm. This planting area will provide a significant boost to the functionality of the local habitat. Treeforce intends to maintain and water this site intensively for the 2013 Dry Season, to allow us to step back on site requirements in 2014.

Worboys Report