Chook Farm Reveg Site Bird List

Results of an Opportunistic Bird Survey,  September 2013

The revegetation plot at the Chook Farm site has become quite a significant biodiverse little spot. It will be interesting to see what impact more growth in our trees has on the birdlife. As yet, observations have not recorded any mannikins, finches, or any other small graminivorous birds, so in that sense more trees should only be a plus to the local habitat. All birds were seen or heard from within the Chook Farm area.

  1. little shrike thrush
  2. black butcherbird (common)
  3. yellow oriole (common)
  4. figbird (common)
  5. grey goshawk (a regular)
  6. black kite (common)
  7. whistling kite
  8. osprey (a regular)
  9. helmeted friarbird (common)
  10. black-faced cuckooshrike (this is unusual)
  11. white-bellied cuckooshrike (common)
  12. cicacabird
  13. forest kingfisher
  14. collared kingfisher (common)
  15. metallic starling
  16. yellow-bellied sunbird (common)
  17. double-eyed fig-parrot (common)
  18. rainbow lorikeet (common overhead)
  19. sulphur-breasted cockatoo (common overhead)
  20. peaceful dove (common)
  21. spotted dove (common)
  22. pied imperial pigeon (common overhead)
  23. little bronze cuckoo (common)
  24. mistletoebird (common)
  25. pheasant coucal
  26. spangled drongo (common)
  27. graceful honeyeater
  28. dusky honeyeater
  29. brown honeyeater
  30. shining flycatcher
  31. leaden flycatcher
  32. varied triller
  33. welcome swallow (common)
  34. white-rumped swiftlet (common)
  35. rainbow bee-eater
  36. orange-footed scrubfowl
  37. royal spoonbill
  38. large-billed gerygone
  39. common koel

This list excludes magpie larks, willie wagtails, masked lapwings and (thankfully) common mynas which are common outside the gate. The survey was done over two 2 hour periods so obviously more time spent, especially near the water if you were prepared to brave the sandflies and (maybe) crocs, would increase the numbers. Finally, the owner told me there is a healthy but shy population of agile wallabies and one came out and studied me for a while before panicking and bounding off into the scrub.