Treeforce is a hands-on community tree planting group that meets for two hours every second Sunday morning throughout the year.
Tree planting activities are held during the wet season and maintenance and educational activities are held during the dry.
Starting times are generally 7am in summer and 7.30am in winter.
These regular activities benefit our volunteers by providing a supportive social network where they feel valued and appreciated. The results of their community work are real, visible and very rewarding.
Treeforce provides volunteers with safe, well-organized events followed by supplied morning tea and, during “Tree Talk”, information on local tree species and natural resource issues.
A newsletter is distributed each month and volunteers have the opportunity to learn and in turn help to educate others.
See “Upcoming Events” for the date and location of our next activity.

How to become involved with Treeforce

Treeforce activities and sites vary, so groups and individuals are notified every second week by email or every month by newsletter.

For more information email info@treeforce.org.au or phone Lisa O’Mara (Coordinator) on 0435 016 906